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Prompted by Hugh MacLeod’s withdrawal from Twitter and Facebook, tempted by Brydon Gillis’s untethering, inspired by Dark Mountain and egged on by Miranda’s internet distraction log, I’ve decided to unplug my brain from the mainframe.

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Lucid thoughts on making more time to create. I know that as a writer or a musician or whatever, you can’t sit around thinking it’s going to be fun and games all the time and you’re not going to have to get your hands dirty doing busywork and endlessly promoting yourself, but there comes a point when, if you’re doing more promoting than doing, there is no point.


"I always have faith in this idea that if I remain honest and open about my own confusion, the blurriness of my impressions – it’s not because I’m short-witted or stupid – the chances are those feelings will be shared by other people."

Geoff Dyer on writing. I’m in love.

It's official, he's my favorite.

 ”Oh dear,” he laughs, “I guess it’s my unfailing eye for missing the boat and career self-destruction.”

Interview with Geoff Dyer, March 2009.